WiNRADiO Software-Defined Radio for Linux


All software on this Web site is free, released under the GNU public license.

Amongst other obligations you must follow, this means that you are allowed to use the source code contained here, as long as:

 You do not alter the copyright messages attached to the various portions of the code. (But you may add your own copyright message to the code you have contributed.)

 You supply a complete source code with your application, so that other users can contribute to it, and enhance your code further.

 You provide your code with no warranty whatsoever.

The above approximate summary is by no means meant to be an accurate replacement for the entire GNU public license. You need to read the complete text of the GNU public license for accuracy and all the applicable details.

The GNU rules apply to commercial and non-commercial applications alike. However, if you wish to use any of the LinRADiO source codes published on this site in any other way, this may still be possible, but you need to apply for permission from the copyright holder of the relevant portion of the code you want to use in such a non-standard way.

The copyright holder is specified at the start of the relevant source code section.