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tclradio - WiNRADiO-enabled Tcl shell
wishradio - WiNRADiO-enabled Tcl/Tk shell


winradio <command-name> <port>
<command-name> <arguments>


Tcl/Tk shells with support for WiNRADiO WR-1x00/WR-3x00 receivers.

0x180-0x1b8 (internal receivers) or 0-9 (/dev/cua) or 0x2e8-0x3f8 (raw UART)
A new Tcl command for controlling the receiver at the specified port.

Arguments supported by <command>:

-p {0,1}
Turns power off/on.
-f {150e3-1.5e9}
Sets the receiver frequency, in Hz.
Sets the receiver mode.
-v {0-100}
Sets the audio output volume.
-u {0,1}
Sets mutes off/on.
-a {0,1}
Sets attenuation off(DX)/on(Local).
-b <freq>
Sets BFO (untested).
-i <freq>
Sets IF shift.
Returns the current value of the setting.
(without options)
Returns the current value of all settings.
Returns signal strength (0-255).
Returns a string describing the receiver.